Compostable and biodegradable , made by PLA, olive oil tasting shot glass


Our company is fully commited with the enviroment, the sustainability and with an circular economy. This compostable glass is to important cause it is showing our commitment for not using single use plastics.


The material is made by PLA (Polylactic acid or polylactic acid). For those who do not know it, we tell you that it is made with corn. This makes it a totally organic material. In other words, it is compostable. A compostable element is always biodegradable. This word comes from compost, it means, degrades in contact with the rest of organic waste becoming compost or fertilizer. Review, on the other hand, that not everything biodegradable is compostable. In relation to temperature, it is not recommended to expose the glass to more than 35 centigrade degrees or 95 Fahrenheit degress.

This glass, are completely odourless, transparent, ergonomic and easy to use. It is designed for bringing out the oil´s volatile organic compound, warming it up and for smelling it, containing the exact quantity of product required by International Olive Council (IOC).

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