The International Olive Council (IOC) states that this new tasting glass meets the standards and validates the company as a recommended manufacturer by the institution for this type of professional utensil.

Elaia Zait´s partners coming into the IOC buildings, before the meeting.

Elaia Zait´s partners coming into the IOC center, before the meeting with the committee of experts of the International Olive Council

On October 17th the Elaia Zait company presented the new red garnet proposal as an oil tasting glass before the committee of experts of the International Olive Council. All the innovation work that the company has carried out together with the University of Jaén was presented, with professor Mr. José Juan Gaforio as project director, for the development of a new glass that completely neutralizes the colours and nuances of the oils so that these do not interfere in the valuation of these characteristics by professionals and tasting panels. In addition, the conclusions of this innovation project were explained in detail; having analyzed the whole chromatic spectrum of the olive oils,  it was shown that, in order to completely cancel the tonalities of the oil, the tasting glass should be of a dark red garnet colour.

This new glass responds to an increasingly demanding sector that requires more precise tools for the evaluation of olive oils. The goal is to finally replace the current cobalt blue glass.

For those less familiar with these technical aspects, please note that the International Olive Council, in its document COI / T.20 / Doc. No 5 / Rev. of September 1st, 2007 on the description of «Glass for the tasting of oils», in article 2, point D, quote verbatim that, the utensil must be «Of dark glass, which does not allow the taster to perceive the colour of the oil, preventing any prejudice and the possible creation of biases or trends that may affect the objectivity of the evaluation. «

While the presentation, by one of the Elaia Zait´s founder, of the garnet red olive oil tasting glass to the committee of experts of the IOC

While the presentation, by one of the Elaia Zait´s founder, of the garnet red olive oil tasting glass to the committee of experts of the IOC

Extra virgin olive oil is the only food that requires a regulated method of sensory analysis,  by the European Union (Reg. 2568/91) and by other markets. Therefore, tools that facilitate this analysis and make it as objective as possible are required.


At this event, some professionals aired their misgivings about the possible counterproductive effects and excitement that a garnet red glass could exert on the tasters. None of the members of the committee of experts from the institution shared these misgivings but emphasized that red is the colour of the first chakra and that it sharpens and stimulates the senses of smell and taste. We will always find arguments for and against, the important thing is that the criterion followed for the selection of the colour of the glass is a scientific criterion for a tool for professionals where the fundamental thing is functionality.

Developed by the University of Jaén and the company Elaia Zait, this glass was presented at the last edition of the international olive oil fair, Expoliva.

Finally, the event concluded without any opinions against and with the acceptance by the committee that the new olive oil tasting glass scrupulously meets with standards. The experts present were able to check for themselves that the new glass totally cancels the colours of the product allowing the professional and the tasting panels a greater objectivity and the reduction of bias produced by other utensils.

As a result of this approval, the International Olive Council will adopt the company as the recommended supplier.

Even, some of these expert of the committee is suggesting that this new utensils should be used for Awards and competitions (source article of Teatro Naturale)

The goal now is to replace the traditional cobalt blue glass with the new red garnet one.

What a challenge.

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